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Hello Everyone!

Posted: 10/20/2017

Welcome to USNA Parents Site for Mississippi families.  The purpose of the USNA Parents’ Club of Mississippi is to provide information, encouragement, and moral support to Midshipmen and families from Mississippi, especially during their Plebe year.  Any parent, guardian, or grandparent of a Midshipman from Mississippi, USNA graduate, Blue-Gold Officer, or any other interested party is eligible for active membership.

If you have received an Appointment, are going to the Naval Academy Preparatory School or a Foundation School, or have completed your Academy journey and are now a fleet parent, we welcome you to join our local parent club. If you need additional information or would like to join, please contact us at:

Parent Club Meeting

Posted: 10/2/2015

The next meeting of the local USNA Parent Club will be held on December 28, 2017 at Table 100 in Flowood, MS at 6pm.

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Posted: 9/15/2015

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