About the Local USNA MS Parent Club

Welcome to USNA Parents Site for Mississippi families.

Our club is a relatively small parents club; we are all spread out over this great state. However we are bound together by this journey because a family member has chosen to serve our country. It is a journey like no other, and we quickly learn that USNA is definitely not (N*) College and these young men and women work extremely hard and make us all very proud.

The parents club works to have the Midshipmen accomplishments appropriately honored and recognized; and encourage outstanding Mississippi youth to pursue USNA appointments. We are also here to support our Navy families.  All club officers and MS Naval Academy Parents Club members are volunteers and donate their time and experience to Club members and to incoming Mississippi Naval Academy families.

If you have received an Appointment, are going to the Naval Academy Preparatory School or a Foundation School, or have completed your Academy journey and are now a fleet parent, we welcome you to join our local parent club. If you need additional information or would like to join, please contact us at: usnapcms@gmail.com.

Your participation benefits you, your Midshipman, and the entire State of Mississippi.


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