Welcome Class of 2023 & 2024

Posted: 6/24/2019

Thank you to all our families that came out on Saturday 6/22/19 for the annual Hail & Farewell Luncheon!  MS has six appointees that will start their plebe year Thursday. Two will enter NAPS in Newport, RI and one will attend The Naval Academy Foundation Prep School at Greystone for a total of NINE we welcome into the Naval Academy Family from Mississippi. We wish the Classes of 2023 and 2024 all the best and hope they have a fun and exciting roller coaster ride with no terrifying plunges. The Parents Club also voted for the new 2019-2020 board members and we welcome the Scribner family (class of 2022) and Currie family (class of 2023) thank you for volunteering and keeping the parents club running . We wish our 2019 all the best as they join the fleet and start their Navy/Marine Corps careers.  We are proud of all our Mississippi Midshipman and Officers and thank each one of them for their service. Fair winds and following seas.
Go Navy!💙💛                                               Class of 2023 Appointees Sewell, Rowan, Currie and Pierce